26 March 2015

A New Beginning

I am pleased to announce that I am now offering my services as a freelance graphic designer and writer. For inquiries please email me at rob@rcmstudios.net, and stay tuned for the new and improved version of RCMStudios.net!

22 December 2014


I recently posted a series of images to Instagram with the hashtag #CatMeetsBook as a way of spreading the word about You Got This (In Heels vol II). I have put them together in Storify, and all together they tell quite the adorable tale:


19 November 2014



Available on Amazon.com December 13, 2014!

If you enjoyed “Stand Right, Walk Left,” then you will love “Blue,” Robert C. Murray’s second collection of poems. Poetry is where we turn when the world fails to make sense. Poetry is the song we all sing when the world does make sense. Poetry is there for you, as is this humble volume of some of those very poems gathered for all your moments whether you are happy, sad, or just feeling Blue.

From the Introduction:

To help orient you in your progression through my humble offering, please note that the poems on the following pages are presented in chronological order. I considered grouping them together in sections based on their content, but I think you will enjoy Blue. more by just flipping through the pages and taking in the poems as they are; except the haiku. I included those just for fun at the end. 
Please address all complaints to Dr. Juan Pinot; his biography can be found on these pages.

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