13 October 2014

Unsealed, Signed, & Delivered

Almost 20 years ago my aunt gave me a copy of the script for the Star Trek: The Next Generation series finale "All Good Things…". Fast forward to today and my very awesome cousin returned from New York Comic Con with that same script signed by the likewise Levar Burton and Michael Dorn.
The friend who stood in line said that Mr. Burton (Levar? We go back to my Reading Rainbow-watching  days in the 80's, after all #ButterflyInTheSky4Life) was impressed to see the script. It's always a thrill when you make some small connection to one of your TV heroes. There were no reports on how Mr. Dorn replied, though I'll be sure to update this post if I obtain any such reports.

Now, thanks to some amazing family members, my gift has even more meaning and I still love watching old TNG episodes, and coincidentally enough, it's almost time to watch "All Good Things…" yet again. Maybe next time I'll get to a con myself and collect the rest of the cast.

26 July 2014

In Relief

As those who track my movements via social media know, I have just completed a stint as the percussionist for the chamber orchestra for Silver Finch Arts Collective's 2014 Capitol Fringe production of the original opera "A Fire in Water." The co-composer, a good acquaintance (and now I think I can say friend, as we have bonded over a quintet of commutes to and from the theatre over such topics as men's footwear, Batman, where to get the best food and what the Hell is wrong with drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians in DC) and Facebook friend Michael Oberhauser put out a call last month for anyone who knew of a percussionist that could do as I have just done. I was hesitant at first, but when I saw the schedule and knew that my dear Francesca would be out of the country for July that it was just the thing to keep me busy for the duration.

11 July 2014

When Managed Metadata Term Sets are Missing from the Crawled Properties List in SharePoint Online

We interrupt the new Sci-Fi based format of this blog to impart a bit of SharePoint wisdom:

If you have managed metadata term sets that are part of a content type and they do not appear as a crawled property in the Search Admin, open a library where the content type is used and populate the missing field(s). Search apparently doesn't register those columns if there is no data to be registered.

I posted this because I could not find the direct answer to my question via Google. Maybe I didn't Google hard enough, but even still, here we are. Hope it helped.

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