16 November 2012

Astounding Adventure Tales of the Improbable

Published: October 16, 2012
ISBN: 9780988552128

$2.99 - Digital
$6.99 - Paperback

Our nameless hero is thrust time and again into mortal combat with fresh (and at times absurd) takes on Sci Fi and Horror's best known villains:

  • Crazed animals thirsting for human blood? Check.
  • Zombies that just need killing? Check.
  • Killer Robots, Terrorists, and Alien Invaders? Check, Check, Check.

With his unique blend of mettle born of experience and a particular hubris born from likely psychological disorders, our hero dodges, whacks, hacks, and flies his way through an increasingly bizarre array of bad guys. Come for the adventure, stick around for the sheer satisfaction that one can only know from wielding both hammer and nail gun. Wind down with a tale of international intrigue with the secret agent known only as "The Janitor" as he keeps the spying world clean enough to eat off of.

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