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In Heels
Novrmber 21, 2013
ISBN:  1494237962

$1.79 - eBook
$5.99 -Paperback
AK Moray is back with this inspired collection of shorts that you will agree was worth the wait. "In Heels" offers up a series of smart and capable women and how they each react to what Life throws at them. From rites of passage to strange compulsions to the perfectly normal turned firmly on its ear, each tale told throughout "In Heels" proves that women are not just resilient and clever, but at times super-human. These seven short stories will leave you with a smile on your face, a tear in your eye, and definitely wanting more. "In Heels" is more than just a short story collection, it is an experience that you will be compelled to share with your friends and loved ones. (For your Kindle)
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Astounding Adventure Tales of the Improbable
October 16, 2012
ISBN: 9780988552128

$2.99 - eBook
$6.99 -Paperback
Our nameless hero is thrust time and again into mortal combat with fresh (and at times absurd) takes on Sci Fi and Horror's best known villains. Crazed animals thirsting for human blood? Check. Zombies that just need killing? Check. Killer Robots, Terrorists, and Alien Invaders? Check, Check, Check. With his unique blend of mettle born of experience and a particular hubris born from likely psychological disorders, our hero dodges, whacks, hacks, and flies his way through an increasingly bizarre array of bad guys. Come for the adventure, stick around for the sheer satisfaction that one can only know from wielding both hammer and nail gun.
Wind down with a tale of international intrigue with the secret agent known only as "The Janitor" as he keeps the spying world clean enough to eat off of. (For your Kindle)
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Intent to Help
Kindle Exclusive Short Story!
November 1, 2012

"Intent to Help" is a cautionary tale from the near future in short story format about what can go wrong when very smart people think they have the answers but fail to consider all possible variables.  A well-meaning scientist and his lab assistant perform a series of harrowing experiments on carbon sequestration that are seemingly successful but are ultimately the catalyst for the greatest natural disaster since the dinosaurs went extinct. - Exclusive!

Stand Right, Walk Left
September 13, 2012
ISBN: 9780988552111

$1.99 - eBook
$8.00 - Full Color Paperback
I started writing poetry as a teenager because it was a clever game, matching rhyme and meter, filling pages with epic tales told in four-line stanzas of rhymed couplets (none of which will ever see the light of day, I pray). It turned into a coping mechanism, and those poems especially have been lost to the ages. The passing of the years has afforded me the time to study the work of great poets, revealing to me the freedom in a line of verse not stuck to a rhyme or even a meter, but inherently rhythmic – musical – without arbitrary restraint, but still within the bounds of its own making. And so I write for the love of the word, of the phrase, of capturing a thought or feeling in a line the same way I capture a moment with a photo.
If you are a reader of my site, you have seen some (but not all!) of these poems posted there. This book is the first of what I hope to be many collections of poetry in years to come, though the next volume may not be so much a picture-book, but it is so that I am also quite proud of my photography work and I think this experiment of pairing photos with poems to help frame the imagery is worthy. If you prefer, however, you may certainly skip the photos, but if you enjoyed the photo pairings that appeared after each poem, you can purchase prints of these and many more here: and here:
This is a work of poetry in earnest, but I’d have been remiss if I had not made those links known to you. I leave you, dear reader, with two final thoughts: Yes, I know some of my haiku have the wrong syllabic structure. I strive to be accurate to the form, but am alas only human. Finally, it’s my (and every poet, I’ll wager) dream to be read on the Writer’s Almanac by Mr. Garrison Keillor. His is often the voice in my head as I envision my work being read aloud. So, kindly I ask if you’re acquainted with him, please pass Mr. Keillor a copy of my effort, and I’ll say a small prayer that one of these is to his liking, though I hope all of them were to yours. (For your Kindle)
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Mara's Song
March 3, 2011
ISBN: 9780988552104
$2.99 - eBook
$8.99 - Paperback

A rock n roll coming of age story told through discovery, loss, and redemption:
Dan and Mara grew up in vastly different backgrounds within 100 miles of each other, but emotionally they grew up in different worlds. While Dan has an almost painful normal upbringing Mara learns to be self-sufficient from a young age.  The fire and passion that drive young people, that drives rock n roll, drives Dan and Mara ultimately to each other. Follow them as they discover there's more to life than the town you grew up in, even if you have to go back there to figure it all out, and no matter who you lose you should never stop doing what you love. (For your Kindle)
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Astronomical Interest
Only $0.99, exclusively at!

The Adventure continues in the most Astounding tale to date: Computers, Space, Alien Romance, A man framed for a crime he didn't commit (he swears!)

Apparently taking out an alien race's mother-ship is just like lighting up a giant neon sign for this arm of the galaxy saying "HI, WELCOME TO EARTH." And so as my crew and I were the only people with direct alien contact experience (though as I tried to point out most of it involved me shooting at or generally being unkind toward them), the NSA and their psychologists decided that we would be the official welcoming party for the first alien race that came to check out who the new kids on the block were. And the next race after that. And after that.

Available Exclusively from, for your Kindle or Amazon web eReader!

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